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Türkiye’s southeastern province of Şanlıurfa will experience its golden period in economic terms thanks to the world’s largest solar fields when they are completed. Stating that the province will be among the world regions when it becomes an energy and agricultural base, businessman Mehmet Mutlu said, “If tourism investments are added to energy investments, Şanlıurfa can become the new economic base of the region.”

Mehmet Mutlu

Şanlıurfa, one of the cities with the highest renewable energy potential in the country, has a great potential in solar energy production with over 3 thousand hours of sunshine per year. The 5 gigawatt solar energy fields, which will increase Türkiye’s total capacity in the field of renewable energy by 50 per cent and which were announced last year and steps were taken in the summer, will be the largest solar field in the world with its completion in 2-3 years. Thus, Şanlıurfa will make a great contribution to both the national economy and this region with its position as an energy and agricultural base.

Şanlıurfa becomes one of the most important energy provinces in Türkiye…

Explaining that Şanlıurfa’s energy potential, agriculture and other business lines will be enabled to develop, Şanlıurfa businessman Mehmet Mutlu noted, “Şanlıurfa will become one of the most important energy cities in the country with the establishment of biogas facilities by utilising the wastes generated as a result of agriculture and animal husbandry activities in the rregion. In addition, compost, which is a by-product of biogas plants, can be used as fertiliser in agriculture and will increase the fertility of the soil. Thus, Şanlıurfa’s agricultural products will enhance both in quality and quantity.”

Şanlıurfa to be among the world cities with energy and agriculture breakthroughs…

Pointing out that he believes that Şanlıurfa will meet its own and the country’s energy needs thanks to its renewable energy potential and will be a milestone in reducing energy dependency, Mutlu added, “At the same time, energy production contributes to the development of agriculture and other business lines and will support the socio-economic development of the province. Şanlıurfa’s leadership in renewable energy and agriculture sectors will exceed Türkiye and even become one of the important cities of the world.”

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