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The final declaration of the 5th Egg Summit held in Antalya on 9-12 December by the Turkish Egg Producers Central Union (Yum-Bir) was announced.

In the declaration signed by the Chairman of Yum-Bir İbrahim Afyon, the summit was attended by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Commission Professor Dr. Yunus Kılıç, Chairman and General Manager of Turkish Grain Board (TMO) Ahmet Güldal and Turkish Feed Industrialists’ Association (Türkiyem-Bir) Chairman Ülkü Karakuş, as well as public and non-governmental organizations, media and industry stakeholders.

In the declaration, it was emphasized that feed is the most important cost item in the egg sector and the price hikes due to the supply shortage in corn, which constitutes approximately 65 percent of the feed mixture, are directly reflected in the cost of eggs.

It was stated that the main reason for the gap between the producer and the market sales prices in eggs is the desire of the markets to make high profits.

In the declaration, which stated that the egg industry spent the year 2021 with a loss of 7.5 percent, it was noted that if the input prices continue to rise, egg prices will surge in parallel and that feed support or direct support should be provided to the producer in order to control the prices. It was also emphasized that government support is important for reducing the high margin between the producer price and the market sales price and for consumers to eat eggs at more affordable prices.

In the declaration, it was announced that the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Trade is expected in removing technical and political obstacles for the development of egg exports.

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