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Livestock specialists state that producers and feed manufacturers encounter different cost burdens separately. Experts, who stated that a ‘knot’ has been formed in the feed, point out that a ‘special plan’, which is proposed to be developed with content such as growing alternative products for imported substances and maintenance works for pasture areas, may also gradually decrease the dependence on the feed. Otherwise, it is emphasized that its reflection on meat prices will continue.

“No more increase”

Feed Industrialists’ Association of Turkey (TÜRKİYEMBİR) President Ülkü Karakuş said that mixed feeds include cereals, oilseeds, oilcakes at the rate of 45-50 which are plant based products. Karakuş noted, “Since our crop production is not sufficient, raw material import is mandatory. 45-50 percent of raw materials are imported in mixed feed. It is foreseen that there will be no increase in product prices such as barley, wheat and soy in the world.”

Karakuş added, “With the increase in raw materials, dollar rate and energy costs in the last year, a necessity has come out to make an update of 10-12 percent in feed prices.”

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