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Stating that it is a cruelty to buy hazelnuts with low prices from the expat producer in September, when the hazelnut lands on the market in October, Haluk Şensoy said that this is done intentionally.

Emphasizing that hazelnut is the number one product of the world chocolate industry, which can never be replaced, Agricultural Engineer Haluk Şensoy said, “It is an unchanging product of approximately 100 billion dollars market. Ordu, our province, has been producing one-third of such a product in Turkey. Well are our producers satisfied? We cannot say yes to this question with peace of mind. If other determinant stakeholders in hazelnuts are getting the value of their efforts in hazelnuts, our farmer that produces hazelnuts with devotion should also win in these very challenging geographical conditions. It should not keep their minds busy with an unstable price policy every year. They should spend their single power and energy on the question of how to produce more and more quality hazelnuts.”

“It is a product more valuable than hazelnut”

Stating that he foresees the hazelnut harvest will be around 500 thousand tons in general, while Ordu province might have around 150 thousand tons of hazelnuts, Şensoy noted, “I would say total harvest is 500 thousand tons. It also seems difficult to exceed 500 thousand tons. Now we are entering a season without stocks. This year the nuts are worth gold. The world chocolate industry definitely needs each of our hazelnuts. It is so valuable.”I

“If you take the gold, the jeweler could say that he can not buy because of having no money, but when you take the hazelnut, there is no chance to say that I am not buying them. As a matter of fact hazelnut is a valuable product that can be turned into cash all day long for 24 hours,” Şensoy added…

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