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Sixty-five percent of Türkiye’s land is at risk of desertification, according to the “Solution Report for the Desertification Problem in Our Country” prepared by the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP).

The Central Anatolian province of Konya, the eastern province of Iğdır and Southeastern Anatolia region are at risk of desertification, the report said.

Stressing that the excessive use of natural resources is behind the risk, the report said, “Our resources should be used correctly and sparingly, and the law regarding mining permits, especially in forest areas, should be regulated according to today’s conditions.”

The country’s national energy strategy must change, it suggested. “Starting before primary school age, education should be given on saving and desertification.”

The report also pointed out that the use of drip irrigation and artificial intelligence in agriculture should be expanded.

A report prepared last year by a commission in the parliament after the ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement had revealed a series of determinations and recommendations that Ankara and the Turkish people should follow.

Scientific surveys and inventory studies on desertification risk areas all over Türkiye should be accelerated, and a data bank should be established, the report said.

The report also urged to take urgent measures in a bid to save the lands under threat of severe erosion and desertification as soon as possible.

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