With the commencement of harvest in Konya Plain, 13 thousand 661 tons of products were traded in Konya Commodity Exchange (KTB) Electronic Sales Hall in one day.

On the same day, in the BorsaKonya ELÜS (Electronic Product Certificate) Transaction Market, 41.5 million TL transactions were made in return 33 thousand tons of products.

The record product of the season came to KTB…

With the commencement of cereal harvest in Konya Plain, the farmer has begun to bring the harvested crop to KTB Electronic Sales Hall. With the start of the threshing period, KTB received 13 thousand 661 tons of crop which is the record product of the season.

In KTB, where an average of 10 thousand tons of crops arrive daily, the products are traded quickly in the electronic sales hall.

The intensity experienced in the harvest season manifests itself in Turkey’s largest lounge with the highest sales volume of KTB.

ELUS market mobilized…

Hüseyin Çevik, the Chairman of Konya Commodity Exchange (KTB), said that Konya Commodity Exchange continues to carry on its leadership in Electronic Products Certificate (ELÜS) transaction market as well as in the sales hall transactions.

Çevik stating that along with the supports given to producers by the state to put their goods to a licensed warehouse, it’s been observed that concerns to such warehouses increasing year by year.

“That’s why products become to intensify in the largest licensed storage capacity of ASLİDAŞ, an affiliate of KTB, having with 217 thousand tons” he noted.

Yield Drops Slightly…

Çevik told that they had taken precautionary measures in order to deal with the products coming to the Commodity Exchange during the harvest season and they provided the best environment for producers, merchants and industrialists in free market conditions.

Çevik also explained that the products coming to the commodity market were followed by traders, industrialists and farmers instantly and at a fast, transparent and realistic price, not only from Konya but also from neighboring provinces.

Indicating that the quality product always finds buyers at a high price, Çevik pointed out that the same kind of quality of the same region receives more than 20-35 percent of the price compared to the other one and drew attention to importance of producing high quality.

“This season, especially in the barren areas of Konya due to the effect of dry last May is experiencing a decrease in yield. There is no problem in other areas, but wheat yield is expected to be slightly below last year and barley yield is expected to be around last years due to the increase in cultivation areas. The May drought once again showed that subsidies for climate-dependent barren land should be reconsidered, taking into account the increased input costs of the farmer. It’s been positive but not enough to increase the wheat support to 10 kuruş per kg which used to be 5 kuruş for eight years. This support needs to be reconsidered under regionally adequate rainfall, taking into account the wet / dry differences and costs and should be increased to 25-35 kuruş” he concluded.

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