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20.08.2020- Ankara

Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB) Chairman Şemsi Bayraktar said that they expect to decline in grape yield this year due to adverse climatic conditions along with effective pest and diseases.

Bayraktar said, “The price of raisins should be announced as at least 13.50 liras so that our producers to have sufficient income.”

Bayraktar emphasized that Turkish farmers continue to produce with great effort in the process of combating the pandemic, where the importance of food security is better understood.

Noting that the grape farmers are struggling with the coronavirus epidemic as well as natural disasters and various herbal diseases and pests, Bayraktar explained:

“We estimate that the yield will be low this year due to natural disasters, especially hail, extreme rain and extreme temperatures. When high input prices were added to low yields, the cost of production increased. In order for our producers to earn sufficient income, the price of raisins should be announced as at least 13 lira 50 kuruş. Our producers expect the purchase price to be announced as soon as possible.”

“It takes a share of nearly 50 percent in exports”

Pointing out that raisins are a strategic product, Bayraktar added, “The price to be announced is important for the producer to market their product to its value.”

Underlining that Turkey is a leading country whether in production or orchard areas across the world, Bayraktar noted:

“1.6 million tons of grapes to be dried were produced in our country according to TURKSTAT data in 2019. Approximately 85 percent of the raisins produced are subject to world trade, while they have a share of nearly 50 percent in exports. Our country has earned an average of 425 million dollars in recent years from raisin exports. In order to maintain price stability in our strategic product, which is important for export, the purchase price, which is the expectation of our producer, should be announced as soon as possible.”

“This situation is of great importance for our raisins, which are of great economic importance for our country, to find the value they deserve, to protect the place we export to and not to damage the quality image of Turkish grapes known in the world,” Bayraktar concluded…

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