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Chairman of Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters’ Association Birol Celep made a written statement. Evaluating the future of dried fruit industry, Celep continued as follows:

It was already known before the Covid-19 epidemic that sectors such as agriculture and food had a strategic importance and because of this epidemic on the global scale, it has been well understood.

With the pandemic, people turned towards healthy eating, in parallel to this, the demand for healthy food increased.

During the pandemic period in which the world economy was going through difficult times, almost half of the exports were obtained from agricultural products.

Turkey’s exports in the period when the epidemic was most intense fell 41 percent in April, but the decline was very limited dried fruit sector.

Dried fruit exports increased by 1 percent on amount basis in April and decreased by 12 percent on value basis.

The Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters’ Association signed an export of 67 million dollars in April and 44 million dollars in May, when quarantine conditions were felt the most.

With the new normal, we saw that the performance in our exports evolved positively with the onset of rapid improvements in contractions in June. In June, our exports increased by 47 percent to 58.4 million dollars.

We experienced an increase of 82 percent with the UK, which is among the top 5 countries we export to, 72 percent with Germany, 70 percent with the USA and 89 percent with the Netherlands.

In the first half of the year, the exports of the dried fruit sector reached 605 million dollars. We exported 271 thousand 240 tons of dried fruits to 134 countries.

In 2021, the global e-commerce market is predicted to be 5 trillion dollars. A global sales network ensures that the product is always in demand.

Therefore, we will soon sign new collaborations with the world’s largest Chinese e-commerce platform.

Digitalization will increase our income not only from China but also from our exports to all countries.

We must turn this period in which customers are looking for new countries to export food with an up-to-date market strategy that suits the needs of the era.

We live in a period in which the place of logistics in our lives is questioned again, the concept of accessibility becomes more prominent instead of proximity or distance and the new normal is formed under these data.

Those who can continue without disrupting the supply chain and quickly adapt to digitalization, the key word of the age, will be the winners of this period.

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