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‘Chios’ (gum) attack from amazons of Urla…

Urla Mayor Burak Oğuz, accepted Women’s Cooperative founded by seven women in the neighborhood of Gülbahçe (Urla, İzmir).

After listening to the project of President Semra Yıldız and members of the cooperative, named “Mastic Gum Production”, “We will be trying to do our best to support agriculture in Urla. By the time as the production of mastic gum increases, external dependence of this product will be reduced” Burak Oğuz said.

Stating that mastic gum is used in a wide range from food industry to the pharmaceutical industry, Oğuz also emphasized that 1 kg of this product was sold at 1500 liras last year and increased production will make considerable contribution to local economy of Urla.


“Mostly brought from Greek islands to Turkey, price of mastic gum gradually rises as the foreign currency gain more value. On the other hand mastic gum is regarded as a healing source by authorities, that’s why it’s almost sold by gram value. Actually this product can be cheaper if grown in Turkey. Unfortunately we’re getting from Greece mastic mainly. Mastic used for healing even in the period before Christ such as mouth sores and stomach ulcer medications, burns, the outer skin infections like eczema, also used as a sweetener for cakes, ice cream, milk desserts, coffee and a variety of drinks” he concluded.

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