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Jak Eskinazi: Aegean Exporters Launch 4.0 Export

Aegean Exporters’ Association launches 4.0 Export…

EIB moved its services into digital…

The Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB) kept pace with the dizzying pace of digitalization around the world and carried most of its services into digital. EIB launched 4 new services at the same time.

Jak Eskinazi, Coordinator of Aegean Exporters’ Association, announced at a press conference that 4 digital applications were introduced by EIB.

Jak Eskinazi, the Coordinator of EIB, said, “We are committed to implementing Export 4.0. Our digital transformation moves will continue in the future. We will continue our efforts to provide safer, faster and paperless services to our members with the most reliable and fastest data encryption infrastructure of our reputation, and we will start the 4.0 Export 4.0 period in foreign trade.”

With EIB Easy, everything will be easy…

Eskinazi also noted that the Aegean Exporters’ Association established online chat system on its web page 2 years ago, then started digital services with its mobile application and that the mobile application reached more than 4 thousand users in 2 years. Every member of our dijital ‘EİBKolay’ website they will be able to learn their export figures, their breakdown by country – goods group, the status of all their files and applications including state aids in the EIB.”


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