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“Regeneration of Industrial Hemp for Aegean Region Agriculture Project” meeting held in Izmir…

“Regeneration of Industrial Hemp to the Aegean Region Agriculture” project, carried out by Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Field Crops, was discussed at the Dean’s Meeting Hall of the Faculty of Agriculture last week.

Provincial Director of Ministry of Agriculture Musa Bakan and Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Nedim Koşum, academicians and technical personnel working in provincial and district directorates participated.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, İzmir Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Musa Bakan stated that cannabis is one of the first plants grown for seeds and fibers in human history and gave information about the history of cannabis plant. Underlining that plant cultivation was never banned in our country.

He said: “Over the years, the cultivation area has gradually decreased due to reasons such as high labor force, lack of mechanization, cheaper fiber and fiber, and inability to compete with cotton. However, in recent years, with the project carried out by our Ministry, it has started to be developed as an alternative product.”

“As the Provincial Directorate, our activities are carried out within the scope of the Regulation on Hemp Breeding and Control which came into force after the revision of the regulation in 1990. İzmir is one of the provinces where cannabis can be cultivated on condition that it can apply for permission to obtain fiber, seed and stalk between January 1 – April 1 every year” he added.

A detailed presentation was made by Assoc. Dr. Sıdıka Ekren about the project carried out within 3 months and the point reached. After the meeting the questions from the participants were answered, Izmir Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Musa Bakan, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Dr. Nedim Koşum, project manager Assoc. Dr. Sıdıka Ekren and the participants made observations about the cannabis grown in Ege University plantation area.

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