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The Ministry of Industry and Technology, in the first quarter of this year, issued incentive certificates for 21 greenhouse investments whose fixed investment amount exceeded 150 million TL…

According to the information compiled from the Ministry of Industry and Technology data, in January-March 2019 thousand 101 investment incentive certificates were issued. Within the framework of the said documents, 28 billion 702 million 68 thousand 314 Liras as fixed investment and 46 thousand 753 people were planned to be employed. The incentive certificates issued for greenhouse projects, which are identified as one of the priority areas in investments, also attracted attention.

Twenty of the investments in which incentive certificates issued in the field of greenhouse, consisted of projects with domestic capital and 1 with foreign capital. In this sector, all of the projects that were granted incentive certificates consisted of new investments.


When the distribution of incentive certificates given in the first quarter regarding greenhouse investment examined by province, Antalya is the province where the most incentive certificate is issued with 10. In Diyarbakır and Mersin 2’er each, Adana, Afyonkarahisar, Burdur, Çanakkale, Kocaeli, Sivas and Şanlıurfa incentives for 1 greenhouse project was issued.

Fixed investments amount for greenhouses in Antalya exceeded 46.8 million Liras. 26.9 in Sivas, 17.3 in Kocaeli, 9.8 in Diyarbakır and 8.7 million Liras fixed investment in Mersin planned respectively.


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