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Dr. Mehmet Hasdemir

The National Cotton Council (UPK), İzmir Commodity Exchange, Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EİB), Söke Commodity Exchange, Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association (EGSD) and Association of Better Cotton Practices (IPUD) will share the steps to be taken with the public in the event to be held within the scope of October 7, World Cotton Day.

Bertan Balçık

Cotton is the main raw material of textile and apparel industry which provides 26 billion dollars foreign exchange in 2019 and employs a total of 2 million people.

Cotton is also used as a raw material in many sectors including vegetable oil, animal feed, health, paper and optics.

Işınsu Kestelli

The importance of cotton, one of the most prominent agricultural products of the Aegean Region, while defined as “White gold”, for the Turkish economy will be shared with the public on Wednesday, October 7, 2020, with three different online meetings organized by the relevant institutions.

The World Cotton Day event, whose main theme is “Facts About Cotton”, will be organized in cooperation with the National Cotton Council, İzmir Commodity Exchange, Aegean Exporters Unions, Söke Commodity Exchange, Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association, and the Association of Better Cotton Practices.

Jak Eskinazi

Cotton harvest expected to decrease…

Cotton production is mostly made in Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, Turkish Aegean Coast and Mediterranean region. According to National Cotton Council data, in 2019/20 season, cotton production was made in 591 thousand 302 hectares and 818 thousand 511 tons of cotton was obtained. In the 2020/21 season, it is predicted that cotton production areas will decrease to 352 thousand 535 hectares and cotton yield will decrease to 626 thousand 690 tons due to the pandemic and other factors.

Fevzi Çondur

Throughout the event, which will start with the opening session on Wednesday, October 7 at 10:30, the future vision of cotton from production to consumption, cotton economy and its trade will be put forward by experts on the subject.

Stakeholders of ‘White gold’, will try their voices to be heard by the Goverment regarding the needs of the textile and clothing industry as the locomotive of Turkish economy, while demanding 1.6 million tons of cotton annually.

Industry representatives demand that the amount of cotton what the industry needs should be produced locally in the course of time and the reduction of cotton imports expected to reach 2 billion dollars solely this year.

Leon Piçon

On the other hand, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Director of Plant Production Dr. Mehmet Hasdemir, Ministry of Commerce Deputy General Director of Exports Musa Demir, Izmir Commodity Exchange Chairwoman Işınsu Kestelli, Aegean Exporters’ Associations Coordinator Chairman Jak Eskinazi, Şanlıurfa Commodity Exchange Chairman Mehmet Kaya, Söke Commodity Exchange Chairman Ahmet Nejat Sağel, Aydın Commodity Exchange Chairman Fevzi Çondur, Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association Chairman Hayati Ertuğrul and Association of Better Cotton Practices Chairman Leon Piçon will underline the importance of cotton for the national economy in the opening session titled, “Why cotton is important for Turkey?” moderated by Bertan Balçık, President of the National Cotton Council…

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