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Fehmi Kiraz, Chairperson of the Union of Turkish Agricultural Engineers, stated that they have made their wheat yield estimate as 17.5 million tonnes this year due to the drought.

Indicating that Central and Southeastern Anatolia regions, where wheat production is high, were greatly affected by the drought, Kiraz also noted that they expect the wheat harvest to be low due to the decrease in rainfall.

Kiraz underlined that the wheat yield estimation was 20.5 million tonnes for the last year and 17-17.5 million tonnes for this year and that this situation meant a 20 percent decrease in the yield.

Pointing out that the country needs 21 million tonnes of wheat and that the difference should be met from abroad, Kiraz reminded, “The increase in seed, fertilizer, diesel and labour prices is also reflected in production costs.”

Explaining that these costs and wheat prices in foreign markets should be taken into account when determining wheat purchase prices, Kiraz concluded:

“Currently, the price of bread wheat per tonne abroad is 310 dollars. Our expectation is that the purchase price will not be much lower than the international market prices. Considering this situation, determining the wheat purchase price as 2 thousand 700 lira per tonne is affected by both food safety and the continuation of production and the epidemic. is important in terms of supporting farmers.”

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