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China confirms the safety of genetically modified wheat!

The Chinese government has authorised the production of the country’s first genetically modified wheat strain. This is the first important step towards the commercialisation of genetically modified (GM) food products.

Despite rapid advances in areas as diverse as artificial intelligence, telecommunications, renewable energy and electric vehicles, Asia lags far behind in biotechnology adoption. Concerns persist among Chinese consumers about the safety of GM crops.

The country has traditionally imported GM maize and soya beans for use in animal feed, while growing non-GM varieties for human consumption. However, policy changes in recent years have led to increased approvals for planting GM maize and soybean seeds, known for their higher yields and greater resistance to pests and herbicides.

Although cautious about adoption due to health and ecological concerns, China’s Ministry of Agriculture has granted for the production of the country’s inaugural gene-edited wheat variety. Thus, the commercial cultivation of genetically modified wheat has been approved in China…

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