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Emre Uygun: Our target is to reach 1 billion dollars of exports

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“Our primary goal is to remove the export restrictions on bulk and barreled olive oil exports”

M. Emre Uygun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters’ Association (EZZIB), stated that Türkiye has made great investments in the olive sector in the last quarter of a century and emphasised that the surge in the number of olive trees from 90 million to 200 million has begun to make itself felt in the yield.

Emre Uygun

“Exports are the insurance of agricultural products in order for this yield to turn into added value and for the producers to get the return for their labour,” he said.

Underlining that the removal of the ongoing bulk and barreled export restrictions on olive oil exports is their priority task, he explained, “There is around 200 thousand tonnes of olive oil stock in the country. Signs of a high yield for the 2024/25 season are strongly evident. In producer countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece, there is an expectation of a good harvest. Under these circumstances, we have been voicing in our meetings with our Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry that the export restrictions on bulk and barreled olive oil should be lifted. We will endeavour to get results on this issue in a short time.”

“Our target is to reach 1 billion dollars of exports”

Sharing the information that olive oil prices worldwide decreased from 10 Euro levels to 6-7 Euro band, Uygun concluded his words as follows; “While we lost value because the products in stock were waiting, our loss was multiplied due to the decline in prices. It is obvious that the Turkish olive and olive oil sector has the potential to exceed 1 billion dollars in exports in the 2024/25 season if the restrictions are lifted. As Turkish olive and olive oil exporters, we will work to reach an annual export volume of 1 billion dollars by marketing Turkish olives and olive oil all over the world in the coming years.”

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