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Digital transformation will be critical in redesigning production to prioritize the environment for a sustainable future, a major Turkish business association said on Oct. 20. 

“One of the most important problems of our age is undoubtedly climate change,” said Bahadir Balkır, the vice president of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD), during a webinar on digital applications for sustainable production.

Warning that current economic activities threatened both humans and the rest of the planet, he said a new economic system must be found and the existing ways of doing business reshaped.

“It’s not possible to overcome problems like resource scarcity and climate change without changing our daily life practices,” he added.

At this point, digital technologies play a very important role in the transition to green economy, he underlined.

Green growth is at the heart of international climate change negotiations and the novel coronavirus crisis.

The EU has also identified green growth as a fundamental pillar of its economic policy.


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