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Brazil was major exporter of 10 agricultural commodities in 2023…

The year 2023 was historical for Brazilian agriculture according to Roberto Perosa, Minister of Commerce and International Relations. The year marked expansion of markets and increased agricultural exports, which contributed to the largest balance of trade surplus in the nation’s history: US$ 98.8 billion.

Roberto Perosa

In 2023, Brazil opened 78 new markets in 39 countries with the help of agricultural attachés, ambassadors, and Brazilian agribusinesses. For the first time, Brazil exported beef and pork to Mexico and the Dominican Republic, cotton to Egypt, and corn to China, which continues to be Brazil’s largest bilateral trade partner.

Brazil’s agricultural exports hit a record US$ 166 billion in 2023, 5% more than 2022 and 49% of Brazil’s total exports. Agriculture represents one-quarter of Brazil’s GDP and it employs approximately one-fifth of the population.

Brazil was the world’s leading exporter of ten agricultural commodities in 2023: soybeans, soybean meal, corn, sugar, coffee, orange juice, beef, poultry, tobacco, and cellulose. Protein exports surged in 2023 with pork exports increased 9.2% in 2023 with poultry up 7.7% and beef up 1,2%.


Brazil recently launched a National Program for the Conversion of Degraded Pastures. This robust initiative has the goal of converting 40 million hectares of degraded pastures (98.8 million acres) to crop production over the next ten years with public and private investments of US$ 120 billion. The expansion is focused on increasing production on existing land in the interior of the country, which reduces the pressure on deforestation.

Brazil’s goal is to double agricultural production while focusing on sustainability and reduced carbon emissions positioning Brazil as the leader in sustainable food production.


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