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It has been proposed that millions of farmers will receive support if they switch to the Agricultural Production Registration System (TÜKAS), developed in 2014 instead of ÇKS (Farmers Registration System), which caused victimization because it does not cover all farmers and agricultural areas that are cultivated and harvested across the country.

Due to the Farmer Registration System (ÇKS), it was reported that millions of farmers could not benefit from agricultural supports and of could not get natural disaster insurance. According to the news of Erdoğan Süzer from Sözcü Newspaper, CHP (Republican People’s Party) Tekirdağ Deputy Dr. İlhami Özcan Aygun submitted a law proposal to the TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey). Dr. Aygun said,”This law proposal envisages the consideration of TÜKAS along with ÇKS in agricultural support payments and natural disaster insurances. If the proposal is enacted, in this case the number of farmers benefiting from agricultural supports will increase and there will be no obstacles for natural disaster insurance.”

ÇKS (Farmers Registration System) required…

A farmer in Turkey to benefit from agricultural supports, have to be registered to the ÇKS necessarily. Farmers who do not have ÇKS registration cannot get agricultural loans, cannot benefit from diesel and product supports and cannot insure their crops against the risk of natural disasters.
Even the ÇKS registration is required in order to be exempted from the bans introduced in the Covid-19 outbreak. However, for many reasons such as land fragmentation, post-inheritance land transfer problems, land disagreements, appointments of trustees, a significant portion of farmers and lands appear outside the ÇKS records.

TÜKAS remains idle…

Ministry of Agriculture, constituted a comprehensive database with 10 thousand personnel in 2014, named TÜKAS (Agricultural Production Registration System) which covers Turkey’s all land assets along with number of farmers and agricultural machinery revealing all their official information. Unlike ÇKS, TÜKAS has reached a dimension that will cover all agricultural activities. However, Turkey’s only large database system remained idle so far…

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