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Bel Karper achieved a great success during the period of the COVID-19 epidemic, which caused a contraction in trade across the world. The company made its first export to Uzbekistan, which has been a scene of intense competition from local and regional producers.

Bel Karper, interpreting traditional cheese with creative product concepts, has entered a new market with its high quality products produced in Çorlu factory. While the world trade contracted due to the Covid-19 epidemic that affected the whole world, Bel Karper made its first export to Uzbekistan, where there is intense competition in the packaged cheese market.

Bel Turkey, incorporating La Vache Qui Rit, Kiri and Karper brands, has taken place among the few companies that export in the dairy category in this period.

Bel Karper realized a strong introduction into Uzbekistan market with the products having in its portfolio. Bel Karper, with its production and logistic advantages in different categories, aims to become a major player in this market where primarily because of the Halal Certification, Turkish originated products particularly preferred.

Aytekin Yıldız, the CEO of Bel Karper, emphasized the importance of exports to Uzbekistan and said: “There is a great confidence in the quality of Turkish originated products in Uzbekistan, which have similar consumer behaviours like our country. We have decided to enter this market with our corporate culture extending nearly a century and our expertise in our country.”

“We have done a collaboration with one of the largest distribution companies and we got our place on local market shelves along with the organized retail chains operating throughout the country. Our products of which demand is growing steadily and we can see that Uzbekistan might be one of the markets managed from Turkey in the future,” Aytekin Yıldız added…


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