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The harvest of asparagus cultivated on an area of ​​approximately 300 decares in the district of Sarıcakaya in Eskişehir province has started. Agricultural workers collect the asparagus, which is completed in the field, with the help of a knife, by cutting them one by one. Then, asparagus stuffed in crates are packed and separated according to their length and thickness after being cleaned in the facilities. Asparagus produced in the district of Sarıcakaya is exported to Qatar and Germany, as well as to Singapore, Switzerland, Romania and the United Arab Emirates after being bundled.

Food engineer Arman Badur, who is the general manager of the company that produces asparagus in the district of Sarıcakaya, said that asparagus is sold to markets domestically as well as abroad. Expressing that asparagus is a serious income gate, Badur noted, “Asparagus, which comes both from our own production and our contracted producers, is processed here. From here, it goes to both domestic and international markets. We supply products to all local and national chains and wholesalers domestically as well as online sales. We reach the consumer directly. We export to 6 different countries abroad. Our exports to the Far East, Europe and the Near East continue. For this, our volume needs to increase. We work with our contract producers.”

Badur added, “But the cultivation area of asparagus is not enough across Turkey. It should be increased so that we could earn more foreign exchange.”

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