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Hasan Celik, General Manager of Rose, Rose Oil and Oil Seeds Cooperative (GÜLBİRLİK), said, “Corona virus (Covid-19) has adversely affected the industry.”

Stating that the important thing is the marketing after the harvest season, Çelik said that the corona virus epidemic affected the industry negatively. Çelik noted, “The real problem will start after that. We do our best to avoid suffering. I hope everything returns to normal after that, if there is no problem in the market, the troubles we suffered from today will never have been experienced that day. But we have to see and experience it. A new normalization process has begun in our country and in the world. In the next period, it is important that the factories accelerate the shopping with the smoke of the chimneys and the consumption economy and the airline companies start their flights. Because these are things that are directly related to our production. We hope to get rid of corona virus trouble in a short time and everything will return to normal.”

“We expect 1.5-2 tons of rose oil production”

Explaining that the rose flower turns into 2 main raw materials after coming to the factory, Çelik added, “One of them is rose oil and the other is rose oil solid. Meanwhile we expect to produce 1.5-2 tons of rose oil and about 15 tons of rose oil solid this year. We are producing raw materials for the perfumery and cosmetics industry from Isparta as well as rose oil and rose oil solid. We see this as a power in our hands to be effective in rose oil prices in the world. ”

“Fell from 12 thousand to 6 thousand euros”

Gülbirlik General Manager Hasan Çelik reminded that one kilogram of rose oil was sold for 12 thousand euros in 2016, but now it is down to 6 thousand euros. Undelining that this figure does not mean that it will be effective in rose oil prices in 2020, Çelik concluded, “There is no significant movement in the market as in previous years. Of course he will stand up, this will not continue like this. But it’s too early to say anything about this year’s price. Currently, corona virus is 100 percent effective in our industry.”

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