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Ali Rıza Türker, Chairman of Tariş Raisins Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union, in his written statement, said that the 12,5 TL purchase price announced by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli for grape number 9 has been welcomed by the grape producers of Tariş and production region.

Stating that in order to ensure price stability in raisins, they have been defending for a long time that the government should intervene in the market, Türker said, “We are also pleased that Turkish Grain Board (TMO) will purchase raisins.”

Explaining that the cooperation between Turkish Grain Board and Tariş will be made regarding the purchase of grapes, Türker noted, “This cooperation will greatly benefit the grape producers in our region and the prices, which are currently at the level of 10.5 TL, will increase.”

Pointing out that many producers supply their products to the market in order to pay their debts during the harvest, Türker added, “Due to this excess supply resulting from this, excessive price decreases are experienced. As explained by our Minister of Agriculture, TMO’s purchase of at least 50 thousand tons of seedless raisins will create confidence in the market and prevent the prices from falling.”

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