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Since the ban on fishing in the seas will be lifted as of September 1, it is important for the fishermen who make their final preparations to comply with the prohibitions on fish length, time, location and species during fishing.

Fishermen are making their final preparations days before the ban on fishing in the seas is lifted. For sustainable fishing, those engaged in this business must comply with the length, time, place and species prohibitions during the fishing period that will start from September 1.

According to the information compiled by the AA (Anadolu Agency) correspondent, the general fishing ban, which started on April 15 for fishermen engaged in fishing activities with purse seiners and trawl nets, will end on September 15 in the Mediterranean and September 1 in other seas.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry determines the sustainability of marine and inland water resources as the main goal in aquaculture fishing and accordingly, inspections will be carried out throughout the fishing season. In this context, the fishing activities of ships engaged in industrial fishing will be instantly monitored with the Fishing Vessels Monitoring System.


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