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Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli stated that they work in a regulatory manner in all of the very important products and that both support and intervention purchases are made.

Pakdemirli said, “So we follow up to 50 products very closely. If the prices increase in the period when exchange rates are increasing speculatively under today’s conditions, this should not be reflected to the consumer.”

Recalling the 2020 OECD Agricultural Policy Monitoring Platform’s data, Turkey is among the top ten countries most supported agricultural sector, Pakedmirli noted, “We have done it the last two years. The main difference is that there was no support before the AK Party governments. There were only intervention purchases outside of support. After the AK Party governments, the support has been increased and expanded.”

“Currently, with the Presidential Government System, we work in a regulatory manner in all very important products and make both support and intervention purchases. Besides we follow about 50 products very closely,” added Pakdemirli…

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