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Türkiye to improve conditions for seasonal agricultural workers…

The Family, Labour and Social Services Ministry is implementing new regulations aimed at enhancing the rights and living conditions of seasonal agricultural workers.

“The definition of seasonal agricultural workers will be expanded to include itinerant workers. These workers will be settled in temporary settlement areas primarily on state-owned land, which will provide housing, infrastructure, hygiene facilities and security guards to ensure safety,” the draft circular read.

To prevent these temporary settlements from becoming permanent residences, measures will be implemented. Additionally, certification will be required for intermediaries who direct agricultural workers to prevent illegal labour practices.

The new regulations will mandate the disclosure of health services provided to seasonal workers and their families to law enforcement services, including the General Directorate of Security and Gendarmerie General Command. This information will be transferred to the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Information System (e-METIP), facilitating the monitoring and evaluation of health services.

To combat child labour in seasonal agricultural work, the regulations will introduce awareness-raising activities, training programs and inspections. The provincial directorates of family and social services will coordinate tasks such as inspecting temporary settlement areas, providing social services and combating child labor. Additionally, the Family, Labour and Social Services Ministry will inspect the work permits and documents of agricultural workers.

The e-METIP system will serve to create and analyze a database on agricultural workers, ensuring better monitoring and evaluation of their living and working conditions. These new regulations aim to improve the rights and conditions of seasonal agricultural workers in Türkiye…


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