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Davut Er: Japan is a very strong market for our olive oil exports

Press release…

Turkish food exporters, who set an export target of 1 billion dollars to Japan, returned home with commercial connections that will reach the export target of 1 billion dollars from the Foodex Japan Fair held in Tokyo on 5-8 March 2024.

Davut Er

Davut Er, Head of the Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters’ Association (EZZİB), said that there is a great interest in Turkish olive oil in Japan.

Er also stated that Spain and Italy have had difficulty in responding to the demands of Japan in recent years and that the Japanese have intense demand for all product ranges of the Turkish olive oil sector.

Emphasising that the strong structure of historical and cultural ties between Japan and Türkiye supports the increase in trade between the two countries, Er said: “Entering the market in Japan, giving confidence is a long process, patience is required. When you catch the taste, it is a very conservative society to continue with the same customer. We need to make good use of these features. The devaluation after 30 years has made the Japanese sensitive to price as well as quality. We can turn this into an opportunity as Türkiye.”

“Of the 51 food companies from Türkiye participating in the Foodex Fair, 12 of them are exporters operating in the olive oil sector. Our olive oil sector makes 10 percent of the country’s food exports. Our olive oil exports to Japan soared by 57 percent in 2023 to 27 million dollars. We have established connections that can carry this figure much higher in the coming period. Our goal will be to boost this figure to 100 million dollars in the medium term,” Er added…

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