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Turkey exports 6,3 million dollars of honey…

In the first quarter of the year 544 tons of honey were exported from Turkey in exchange for 6.3 million dollars. Among 30 countries, Germany, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and Austria were the most exported ones.

Turkish honey sweetened the mouths in 30 countries in the January-March period of the year.

According to the data collected by the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (NQF), in the first quarter of the year, 544 tons of honey was sold to 30 countries and 6 million 321 thousand 690 dollars of income was obtained.

Germany in the first place in honey exports. In this period, 459 tons of honey was sold for 1 million 707 thousand 994 dollars. The United States was ranked second with 1 million 212 thousand 437 dollars, Saudi Arabia was third with 996 thousand 27 dollars, Belgium was fourth with 453 thousand 481 dollars and Austria was the fifth with 320 thousand 414 dollar export.


During the same period exports realized to Sweden, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Libya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Somalia and Morocco for the first time.

The countries with the highest increase in exports of honey were Azerbaijan-Nakhichevan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.


Board Chairman Saffet Kalyoncu, Turkey is rich in plants and contribute to the economy increases every day of the variety of flora, also he said that the export of honey come to the fore in this context.

Kalyoncu, “Exports are progressing. Value-added and brand recognition will be even higher if the product is created. We believe we will come to upper levels” said.

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