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Sunflower cultivation areas in Türkiye increased by about 15 percent…

Şafak Kırbiç, Chairman of the Board of Trakya Birlik, said that sunflower cultivation areas in Türkiye increased by nearly 15 percent.

At the press conference he held with the members of the board of directors, Kırbiç stated that the Russia-Ukraine war, which started after the 2-year Covid-19 epidemic, boosted the importance of food security in the world.

Reminding that there are problems around the world regarding sunflower, which is a strategic product, Kırbiç emphasized that after this process, positive efforts were made to ramp up production in the country.

Pointing out that sunflower cultivation areas have expanded, Kırbiç said, “With the contributions of agricultural organizations, municipalities and us, sunflower cultivation areas have soared by about 10-15 percent in our country. This is reflected in production. However, this production amount does not meet the needs of our country. Currently, 65 percent of the sunflower oil need in our country is met. We can meet up to 70 percent of it. Therefore, it is possible to meet the country’s needs by escalating sunflower production and even export it abroad.”

Şafak Kırbiç

Kırbiç also stressed that sunflower is a plant suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions and that the amount of sunflower production can grow with a planned production and support of farmers.

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