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“Silk”, which has an important place in the history of the Küçük Menderes Basin, finds life again in the hands of women

Joining their forces in Ödemiş, Kiraz and Beydağ districts of İzmir province, women will revive the silk weaving culture in the region by transforming the cocoons they produce into yarn and then into fabric on the weaving looms. Mayor of Ödemiş Mehmet Eriş, Head of Education and Publication Department of the Agriculture Ministry Mehmet Ergün and Deputy Director of Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Oktay Darcan also attended the ceremony, held for the promotion of the project.

Mehmet Eriş

Mayor of Ödemiş, Mehmet Eriş, who spoke at the ceremony, said: “Our women show us what can be done by combining the power of the local and the general. People should be satisfied where they were born and be happy there. With this good support given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, our women are achieving this here.”

Speaking at the opening, İzmir Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Deputy Director Oktay Darcan emphasized that İzmir is the country’s locomotive province in agriculture and said that over 200 different agricultural crops produced are also internationally traded.

Darcan added, “We started a clustering study to revive ‘silk’, which is a part of our ancient culture in such a rich geography. Here, we see the positive results of the ‘Revival of Silkworm Breeding with Women Farmers in Ödemiş District’ project, which we started 3 years ago.”

Talking about the works within the scope of the project, Darcan noted that a second project called “Silks Woven by Producing Women in the Küçük Menderes Basin” was realized in 2021.

Oktay Darcan

In his speech, Head of Education and Publication Department, Mehmet Ergün, pointed out that the Ministry has mobilized to support women living in rural areas. Ergün said, “When our support is also bolstered by District Governorates and Municipalities, very good results come out.”

The project, which was prepared and put into practice by the İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, this time also included women farmers in Kiraz and Beydağ districts.

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