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This year’s yield in renowned Anzer honey is at a level that meets the expectations of the producers. Two tonnes of honey, the results of which are positive, will be sold for one thousand lira per kg. 100 grams of pollen is 140 liras.

Anzer honey price has been announced…

Anzer Ballıköy Agricultural Development Cooperative President Osman Civelek said that harvest of Anzer honey, whose analysis results were positive, was 2 tonnes.

Osman Civelek said, “We labeled, sealed these honey and offered them for sale.”

At a press conference held at the cooperative building, Civelek stated that the yield of the world-famous Anzer honey, which takes its name from the plateau where it is produced in Rize province, is at a level that meets the expectations of the producers this year.

Indicating that this situation depends on favourable weather conditions, Civelek noted, “We sent 2 tonnes 400 kilograms of honey to Hacettepe University for analysis after harvesting.”

No rise in prices…

Pointing out that one kilogram price of Anzer honey did not increase due to the pandemic, Civelek added, “Last year’s prices still prevail. Now the price is 1000 lira for 1 kilogram of honey and 500 lira for half a kilogram. On the other hand we set our pollen prices as 140 lira for 100 grams, 250 lira for 200 grams and 500 lira for 400 grams.”

Warning of unsealed honey!

Civelek emphasized that when the quality and price of Anzer honey are taken into consideration, citizens should do their best not to be victims and asked not to buy unsealed or outside of the cooperative.


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