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October 15, 2020, Ankara

Press release…

Dr. Ayşegül Selışık, FAO Deputy Representative in Turkey, participated in the programme Gün Ortası, broadcast in KRT and presented by Tülin Daloğlu.

In the broadcast held within the scope of World Food Day, the strong connection between food and peace was underscored, referring to the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize that the World Food Programme (WFP) carried off.

While explaining the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the food and agriculture sector, Dr Selışık emphasized the disruptions in supply chains and shared with the audience the information that there were fluctuations in food prices until the emphasis on e-commerce during the epidemic.

Dr. Selışık stated that an interruption not experienced in the supply chain across Turkey due to the Covid-19, but the epidemic should be borne in mind that still continued.

Indicating that FAO produces data and supports governments, Dr. Selışık also referred to the State of Food Safety and Nutrition in the World 2020 report.

Underlining that since 2014, hunger has increased in the world and almost one third of the food produced has been wasted, Dr. Selışık noted,”Farmers should have access to information, thus cooperatives and similar organized structures are important for this.”

Finally, Dr. Selışık emphasized that the COVID-19 pandemic reminds people to eat healthy and consume as much as they need.


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