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Turkey Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association (TÜDKİYEB) Chairman Nihat Çelik said that they aim the year of 2021 to be a peak term in this field by carrying the number of ovine animals to 70 million.

Çelik also said that sheep and goat farming was one of the least affected by the coronavirus epidemic process that started last year and that there was no disruption in production during this period.

Production has not been interrupted so as to avoid food crisis…

Pointing out that the sector grew 5.3 percent in the 9 months of 2020 despite the epidemic, Çelik said, “Our growers continued on their way without stopping production with the support of our government despite all kinds of difficulties, especially increasing input costs and did not confront our consumers with any food crisis.”

Çelik stated that with the supports given, the number of sheep and goats exceeded 60 million.

“Supports made great benefit”

Indicating that the support given for sheep and goat farming has provided great benefits to the breeders, Çelik noted, “Last year, our 196 thousand breeders paid 578 million liras for 23 million animals.”

“We are working to reach the developed countries in meat and milk productivity”

Emphasizing that they are working to catch the developed countries in meat and milk productivity, Çelik added,

“As a sector, we think that we can meet the red meat deficit of our country by increasing the number of animals and meat productivity. I believe that 2021 will be the peak year for sheep farming. We aim to increase the number of sheep and goats to 70 million. For 2023, our target number of sheep and goats is 90 million. We aim to be ranked higher on the world scale by maintaining our first place in the number of sheep and goats in Turkey. This year we will take big steps towards our goals.”

“More support should be given to small family businesses”

Emphasizing that small cattle breeding is an important sector in terms of social aspects in order to prevent migration from the village to the city, Çelik concluded, “We expect small family businesses to be supported more this year.”

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