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Kılıç Seafood acquires sea bream and sea bass producer Agromey!

Press release…

Sinan Kızıltan

Kılıç Seafood has acquired Agromey, further growing what was already the largest seafood company in Türkiye. Sinan Kızıltan, the vice president of Bodrum, Muğla,  Türkiye-based Kılıç, said the transaction will give the company full control of Agromey – a vertically integrated seafood company based in Torbalı district of İzmir province. 

Kılıç Seafood has acquired Agromey, a bream and sea bass producer, with the aim of reinforcing its leadership in the sector and further increasing its global success.

Since 1993, Kılıç Seafood, which carries out fish farming and production in Türkiye’s healthy waters through Kılıç Seafood Inc. (Deniz Ürünleri Üretimi A.Ş.) with its fully integrated facilities at European Union standards, continues to lead the sector. In this context, the Holding (Kılıç Seafood) aims to enhance its effectiveness in the sector with the acquisition of Agromey.

Sector leader…

Stating that they have been increasing their brand values in the sector on a global scale with the investments and fully integrated production processes they have realised in the country and different geographies, Orhan Kılıç, Head of the Board of Directors, said, “Since the day we were founded, we have been maintaining our position as the sector leader in Türkiye in the production of sea bream, sea bass, trout, garnet (rock bass) salmon, trout and tuna with 2,500 employees and our export volumes approaching 300 million dollars.”

The world’s largest producer of Mediterranean fish…

Within this framework, Kılıç pointed out that they purchased Agromey Group, the leading sea bass, sea bream producer and exporter of the sector and explained, “This merger includes important infrastructure elements such as 33 thousand tonnes of licensed sea bream sea bass production capacity, 90 thousand tonnes of extruder fish feed production facility, hatchery with a capacity of 80 million pieces, processing/packaging facilities established on an area of 20 thousand square metres and brings an export volume of 70 million dollars by exporting to 38 countries in 4 continents.

“With this strategic merger, we are strengthening our leadership in the sector and becoming by far the world’s largest Mediterranean fish producer with our production capacity exceeding 100 thousand tonnes. We are very happy to incorporate the Agromey family into Kılıç Holding,” Kılıç added.

“Kılıç Holding will maintain its success graph and continue to provide added value to our country in 2024 with the fish produced by correct and scientific aquaculture methods and its fully integrated structure,” Kılıç concluded…

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