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Press release…

One of the priority areas within the scope of the European Union (EU) Green Deal is the decarbonization of the energy system. It builds this transformation on renewable energy.

In the online seminar “Our Future is Our Sun” organized by the Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EİB) together with the Solar Energy Industrialists and Industry Association; Issues such as the role of solar energy in the process of harmonization with the European Green Deal, new application areas of solar energy and financing of these investments were discussed.

Sustainable development EIB’s main agenda…

Announcing that the Aegean Exporters’ Associations declared 2020 the Year of Sustainability, EIB Coordinator Chairperson Jak Eskinazi said that they continue to work in the same way in 2021.

Eskinazi said, “We send out informative newsletters on sustainability to all our members. We became the first Exporters’ Association to become a member of the Global Compact from Turkey and a member of the ‘Zero Waste Project’. We organized a very comprehensive training series called ‘EIB Sustainability Days’. We examine many issues such as the harmonization process with the EU Green Deal and inform our members about current developments.”

“The sectors within the Aegean Exporters’ Association will increase sustainable and environmentally friendly production with the Sustainable Ur-Ge (Product development) projects carried out with the support of the Ministry of Trade. We have achieved very successful results from our work that we started with the ready-made clothing industry,” Eskinazi added.

Sustainable production and consumption of energy is the future of all of us…

Sharing the information that the evaluations regarding the establishment of the Renewable Energy Equipment Exporters’ Association are continuing, Eskinazi concluded, “We want to increase investments and incentives in renewable energy resources and increase the share of Turkey in total electricity production. Inexhaustible, cheap, reliable, environmentally friendly, domestic and renewable energies should be our priority. Sustainable production and consumption of energy is the future of all of us.”

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