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It started with a cortege march in the Safranbolu district of Karabük province on October 21 and various events are being held at the “6th Saffron Festival”.

Harvesting of saffron, which is grown in the Safranbolu district of Karabük and called the “miracle plant” because it is used in many areas, is being be held with the “6th Saffron Festival”.

The saffron festival is held in Safranbolu, where only 1 kilogram is obtained from an average of 150 thousand flowers, which is used in sectors such as the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries and which is called “the most expensive plant in the world” because it finds buyers for 100 thousand liras per kilogram.

The festival, where events such as panels, presentations, a tour of the saffron production areas and the saffron harvest is being held, will end on October 23.

Elif Köse

Within the scope of the festival, a cooking competition will be held with saffron, which is cultivated every year in August, blooms purple and fragrant flowers in October-November, is grown on 79 decares by 30 farmers and is expected to produce 35 kilograms of product.

Safranbolu Mayor Elif Köse stated that saffron will be discussed in every aspect at the festival.

Emphasizing that the festival will promote both saffron and the district, Köse said, “The festival, which will start with a cortege, will continue with panels. Scientists and experts will talk about saffron. There will be a harvest in the field. There will be a cooking competition. Medicinal and aromatic plants areas will be visited.”

“Our district is an important cultural tourism centre. A separate tourism area has emerged with saffron. Thousands of people come to our district for this valuable plant,” she added…

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