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Agricultural evolution: Harnessing technology for sustainable future

As agricultural inputs rise, farmers find themselves compelled to invest in regular and sustainable technology to enhance productivity, irrigation and pest control. Moreover, the path to consumers accessing healthy and sustainable food also hinges on technology…

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, the use of technology, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), biotechnology, autonomous vehicles and robots, has become imperative for sustained growth.

As the global population continues to rise, so does the demand for food, prompting the agricultural sector to invest more in technological innovations. While automation in the 20th century facilitated more efficient farm operations with fewer human resources, traditional methods are no longer sufficient due to diminishing accessible land.

To transform agriculture, leveraging modern technologies stands out as one of the fundamental approaches. The key to halting and controlling a system that poisons soil, plants, farmers and consumers alike under the guise of agricultural spraying lies in embracing innovative solutions. Competence in navigating the agricultural revolution and adapting to ever-changing technology has become more crucial than ever, requiring everyone involved to be informed and understand how to utilize new agricultural technology tools.

Financial hurdles

However, agricultural technology ventures, like other startups, face financial challenges to survive. As technology and operations on farms advance, capital plays an increasingly pivotal role. Since the initial equipment is often tied to land or inventory, businesses find themselves compelled to borrow more financial resources to restore agricultural production speed.

Despite some governments at local and global levels making minor changes to regulations concerning agricultural technology ventures, agricultural entrepreneurs still have a long way to go. While a few policies may assist agricultural technology ventures for a limited period, on the farm level, tangible progress remains elusive.

AI impact

Merely relying on observation-based data to detect pests reaching crops is insufficient. Unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence technology are employed for collecting images and analyzing them. Artificial intelligence provides farmers with predictive information for weather, crop output and price forecasts, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Allocation of funds for aerial imaging and landscape surveillance is crucial. GPS technology is predominantly used for location analysis, pasture monitoring and animal tracking.

It is also employed in tracking autonomous vehicles used in agriculture.

Livestock tracking

Technologies aid farmers in managing dairy farms, cattle ranches and other livestock-related agricultural enterprises. The IoT, mobile applications, or other means collect and provide real-time, accurate information on grazing areas, barns and all pastures.

Additionally, it assists in the management of tasks such as temperature control and humidity monitoring.

Robots in action

Facilities utilizing advanced agricultural technologies automate labor-intensive processes like harvesting, fruit picking, planting, seed sowing and weed removal. Agricultural initiatives taking the forefront in using technology to solve and organize the fragmented agricultural industry contribute to increased productivity, reduced losses and healthier food production with a data-driven transformation.

Embracing a technology-first approach, these agricultural technology companies play a crucial role in the ongoing shift toward enhanced efficiency in agriculture, paving the way for a future of increased yields and sustainable food production.

TürkTraktör invests in Agrovisio to empower farmers

TürkTraktör, a prominent Turkish company engaged in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, is actively supporting the growth of startups engaged in technology integration for agriculture. In a strategic move aimed at accelerating technological transformation in farming, TürkTraktör made its first initiative in this direction by investing in Agrovisio, a startup providing digital decision-making services for farmers.

Aykut Özüner

Agrovisio received an investment of about 260,000 euros at a valuation of 4 million euros.

Aykut Özüner, the company leader at TürkTraktör, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting innovative applications and ideas, especially those contributing to technological transformation in Türkiye, particularly in agriculture.

Özüner acknowledged the increasing global importance of agriculture, emphasizing its critical role amid climate change and the pandemic.

“As TürkTraktör progresses step by step toward our 70th year, we continue to shape the future with the strength derived from our past. In line with our sustainability strategy named ‘Impact on the Future,’ we approach agriculture and cities from a new perspective. We envision the future of agriculture through technological, sustainable, and efficient practices, working tirelessly to implement these applications. In addition to our own ecosystem, we evaluate investment opportunities by tracking technological ventures to support innovative solutions across all our impact areas,” Özüner added.

He highlighted TürkTraktör’s dedication to supporting startups striving to provide solutions in agricultural technologies. The initial step in this direction, he said, is the investment in Agrovisio. Özüner believes that this strategic partnership will play a significant role in advancing TürkTraktör’s product range, contributing to the technological transformation needed by farmers.

Agrovisio, an Estonia-based startup established in 2017, operates from the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) Teknokent in Ankara. The company specializes in satellite-based field identification, yield estimation, harvest detection and plant health monitoring using patented artificial intelligence-supported image processing technology. This enables Agrovisio to offer farmers digital decision-making services that enhance efficiency and productivity in agricultural practices.

By Timur Sırt,

Source: www.dailysabah.com

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