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Beekeepers in Muğla province, leader in pine honey production across Turkey, are experiencing difficulties due to drought and extreme heat.

Turkey Beekeepers’ Association (TAB) Chairman Ziya Şahin said that there were up to 70 percent decline in production and two time harvest in August and September could not be obtained.

Stating that pine honey cannot be exported this year due to the decrease in production, Şahin said, “6 thousand families in Muğla province, engaged in beekeeping, have been economically affected by this situation.”

Pointing out that they have 3 cuts (harvest) in August, September and October per year in pine honey, Şahin noted, “There is a decline of 65-70 percent in the production. Unfortunately we could not have the harvest of pine honey in August and September. We don’t know what will happen in October.”

Indicating that the situation is bad for producers due to the decrease in production, Şahin explained, “There are 1 million 250 thousand hives belonging to the local people in Muğla. In addition, there are many hives of beekeepers coming from outside. The total number of hives in the province is around 3.5 million.

“No pine honey to sell abroad this year!”

Sharing the information that honey exported from Turkey is mostly pine honey, Şahin added, “We have a total of 114 thousand tons of honey production in Turkey. About 35-40 thousand tons of this amount is pine honey and 80 percent comes from Muğla region. Unfortunately, we will not be able to export this year due to the drought and production decline.”

“On the other hand, even if the honey produced is not exported, it may be sufficient for the domestic market and that they can meet the demand to a large extent,” Şahin concluded…

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