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423,433 tons of figs are produced on an area of ​​88,196 decares in İzmir province.

With this production İzmir province ranks second across Turkey and amounts to 14 percent of total production.

It is important to prevent / reduce the rapid alert notifications received from the European Union regarding dried figs, one of the important export products of our country.

“Dried Fig Mycotoxin Contamination Prevention Action Plan” was prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in order to ensure that people can access healthy and reliable food by producing better quality and reliable products for export.

The General Directorate of Food and Control, within this framework, has put it into effect the “Action Plan for Prevention of Mycotoxin Contamination in Dried Figs.”

Within the scope of the aforementioned plan, 5,250 plastic drying trays provided by Aegean Exporters’ Unions started to be distributed in the districts of Tire, Beydağ, Ödemiş and Kiraz, where fig production is intensive, in coordination with the Agriculture and Forestry District Directorates.


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