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Haluk Tezcan: Flour industry will mobilise idle capacity

According to Haluk Tezcan, President of TUSAF (Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation), the flour sector in Türkiye plans to activate its idle capacity of 15 million tonnes with an increase in wheat production and the formation of new markets for flour exports. Currently, Türkiye only utilizes 50 percent of its annual flour production capacity of 30 million tonnes. However, the sector aims to fill this idle capacity with the growth in wheat production and the expansion of export markets.

The Turkish flour industry holds the top spot globally with a total production capacity of 30 million tonnes. In 2023, it achieved over 3.6 million tonnes of exports, accounting for 30 percent of global flour exports. Tezcan highlighted that the Turkish flour sector has been the global leader in flour exports for the past nine years.

Pointing out that despite a decrease in wheat cultivation areas in the past decade, recent years have seen a rise in production due to improved yields and government support, Tezcan said, “Wheat production amounted to 17 million tonnes in the 2021 season, but with the support provided over the last two years and favourable weather conditions, it reached 22 million tonnes, the highest production figure in the past six years.”

Haluk Tezcan

Tezcan also mentioned that there is a significant shift towards wheat production, particularly from corn and barley. This can be attributed to various factors, including government policies and incentives. The sector expects to tap into this soared wheat production and use it to meet the growing demand for flour in both domestic and international markets. By activating the idle capacity, the sector believes it can make a substantial contribution to the overall economy and further strengthen the country’s position as a leading flour exporter.

“Overall, as the Turkish flour sector, we are optimistic about the future, with plans to mobilize its idle capacity through increased wheat production and the development of new export markets. With a strong position in global flour exports and favourable conditions for wheat production, our country is well-positioned to make use of its full production capacity and further enhance its status in the international flour industry,” Tezcan added…

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