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Erdal Bahçivan: We Should Brand In Food And Agriculture

“Turkey is one of the world’s largest agriculture, food and livestock countries”…

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) Chairman Erdal Bahçıvan stated that Turkey along with its natural facilities and production capacity is one of the world’s largest agriculture countries today.

“Importantly in the coming period from the use of pastures to livestock policies, incentives to the balance of production and consumption decisions will determine our future in this area” he said.

Bahçıvan told, in his speech at the ISO 5th Group Animal Food Products Industry Extended Sector Meeting held in Odakule, stated that the food trade in the world consisting of animal foods is approaching 1.9 trillion dollars and this figure holds a very important place in the 18.5 trillion dollar goods trade in the world.

Stating that the demand for food is increasing, Bahçıvan said, “Today, scientific researches and conferences about food are taking place taking this demand into consideration.”

“On the other hand we have young and a large domestic market, depending on the dynamics of the population. We also have extremely convenient and a variety of climate conditions. These two factors are enough for us to put the food and farming industry one of the most strategic sectors of Turkey’s development. What is important is in the next period, decisions we will make and the steps we will take in this regard. For this, the use of pastures, livestock policies, incentives, production and consumption will determine the future decisions in this area” Bahçıvan added.


Erdal Bahçıvan emphasized that agricultural enterprises in Turkey are still small and scattered, therefore, particularly it continues to experience a serious scale problem in livestock, meat consumption that consists of beef 90 percent. Besides there is a reduction in bovine animal consumption due to so-called smell while odorless sheep meat with some applications that can be provided.

Pointing to the importance of food safety, Bahçıvan stressed that not only the industrialists are responsible for this matter, but also that the entire supply chain, from farm to table, from farmers to retailers, is responsible for ensuring food safety.

According to Bahçıvan, the most important problems in food safety in Turkey are especially unregistered meat and dairy in terms of food production and small businesses.

Stating that the sanctions of the state are not always sufficient to prevent abuse in food security, Bahçıvan said that the consumer should turn to the packaged and branded products in shopping by giving the necessary importance to his own health.

“One of the most important steps in the creation of a reliable food chain is to go to branding in food and to consume branded products since it is possible to monitor and audit branded products” he said.


Bahçıvan, ISO Chairman of the Board, while producing branded products in agriculture and food sector, emphasizing that the EU standards must be met, the following evaluations:

“Our sector needs to create and maintain a reliable brand image against its strong competitors in the market and to establish itself in the EU market. However, only the EU market is not enough for the sector. In order to reach our export targets, we should take the same quality to Russia, Africa, Middle East, Asia market and We should become a brand. We should increase production as we expand the market. ”

Bahçıvan noted that sustainability comes to the forefront at this point, resources do not increase as the population, the way to increase production is to increase productivity.

Stating that the way to increase productivity in a sustainable manner requires respect for nature and the environment, Bahçıvan stated that the producer should be innovative and should allocate resources to R & D and that technology should be used at every stage of the food chain.

Bahçıvan, expressing hope for the future of sector, concluded that all problems can be overcome through cooperation…

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