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Wolfgang Qi, Chairman of the Guangdong Food Importers’ Association, who made a presentation on account of a video conference with Aegean Exporters’ Association, about the latest situation in the Chinese market and the export potential in the country along with the Food2China Fair, which will be held in the format of the online B2B e-commerce platform, said:

“There are 400 members registered with the Food Importers’ Association, more than 5 thousand foreign suppliers and 100 thousand Chinese importers / distributors. We strengthen our relations with other countries through international food fairs and organizations developing our trade, as in Guangzhou.”

Wolfgang Qi stated, “In our country, food imports increased by an average of 15 percent annually. Among the most imported products are dairy products, drinks, snacks and fruits. Cherry, durian fruit, banana, table grapes and orange are the most imported fresh fruits. More fresh products are in demand than frozen products in fruits and vegetables. The 1.5 billion population has distinct tastes. While the east of the country prefers sweet products, the west can choose more spicy products. Food logistics centers also can appeal to companies.”

Emphasis of E-commerce…

Pointing out that market and product analysis should be done and in-depth research should be made and the market should be understood thoroughly, Qi continued as follows:

“E-commerce is developing rapidly and online sales are very popular. You should display your products a lot, be visible in a virtual environment and use a website. Don’t waste your time waiting. Your market entry strategy must be a combination of B2B online and offline. Food2China’s B2B e-commerce platform is a good alternative to enter the Chinese market. Brands in China must be registered. You can register brands by protecting intellectual property rights and then share them with Chinese companies. After entering the Chinese market, brand promotion can be done through B2C and social media.”

Turkish food exporters and Chinese companies meet on the online platform…

Mentioning that they switched to the online system in their promotional activities, Wolfgang Qi added, “At the Food2China Fair, with the ‘online B2B’ programme on September 24-26, buyers from home and abroad will meet with participating companies.”

“While there are over 900 brands and companies in the fair, around 35 thousand visitors are expected. Food2China.com, where one-stop promotion and marketing can be done, will be the O2O (Offline 2 Online) platform that combines offline and online retail. Participation from more than 30 countries and regions will be provided. Among them are countries such as Russia, Thailand, India, Korea, England, Germany, Philippines, Italy, Japan, Poland, Canada, Austria, Spain. By the way we have have determined a multi-channel marketing strategy by following an active process in places such as magazines, Wechat, Micro Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Food2China.com etc.” Qi concluded…

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