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UHK Calls for Organic Substance Mobilization…

National Grain Council (UHK) Board Member and Rector of KTO Karatay University, Professor Bayram Sade said that the lack of organic substance in the soil, which causes low productivity and high cost in agriculture could be resolved with “Organic Substance Mobilization.”

Underlining that the soil’s vitality is organic matter, although there are many components, Dr. Sade stated that the soil’s vitality decreases at the rate where the organic matter amount falls below the limit value, the structure and balance between the elements deteriorates and is called ‘Dead soil’.

Pointing out that 5 percent of an ideal soil should be organic substance, Dr. Sade continued as follows: “This is the climate in which the ideal structure in Turkey is difficult to reach, so 3 percent of organic substance sufficiency is accepted. However, it is a common occurrence that organic substance is mostly below 2 percent or even 1 percent due to reasons such as the fact that many agricultural regions of our country are in the arid climate zone, disposal of harvest residues, the organic fertilizers are used out of agricultural production and the wrong soil cultivation. The amount of organic substance is insufficient at a significant level of our country’s agricultural land and this brings important productivity problems. Stubble and harvest residues are valuable sources of organic substance. These valuable residues are burned and destroyed for different reasons.”

Indicating thar what needs to be done about organic substance, which is the main element of efficiency, Dr. Sade explained:
“A subject such affects agriculture and creates productivity problems, causes high costs and keeps them away from economic production; It can be resolved with an approach to be addressed by the ‘Organic Substance Mobilization’, which will include public, municipalities, private sector, non-governmental organizations and all other relevant institutions and organizations.”

Dr. Bayram Sade concluded, “Supports for organic fertilizers applied by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and organic fertilizers with mineral additives should be increased and continued. It is important to carry out training studies on the harms of stubble burning, support stalk shredders and apply legal sanctions without compromise. Harvest residues must be ensured to remain in the field.”

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