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In a written statement made by the General Directorate of Tea Enterprises (ÇAYKUR), it is stated that the purchases of tea started on May 19 still continue.

165 thousand tons of tea in the second offshoot period and 412 thousand tons of fresh tea in total has been purchased.

ÇAYKUR, which has entered the campaign period with the least stock amount of 65 thousand tons in recent years, keeps going on its way in terms of macro targets with its field sales and fresh tea processing capacity.

In the statement, it continues as follows;

“The sales target of 120 thousand tons of packaged tea, which is the sales target of this year, has been recorded as the earliest sales made in comparison to the same months in recent years. This early sales gain is 50 thousand tons or more in the rest of the year. Despite the fact that we have purchased high quantities of fresh tea such as 750 thousand tons in the past two years, our producers have been able to sell tea at a high rate as a result of the maximum processing capacity provided in our factories and also regulated markets against price manipulations by private firms and a sort of protection has been provided to our producers.”

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