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In accordance with the President’s Decision published in the Official Gazette, grant support will be provided to agricultural and rural economic infrastructure investments for rural development in the period of 2021-2025.

Decision on Supporting Agricultural Based Economic Investments and Rural Economic Infrastructure Investments within the Scope of Rural Development Supports (Decision Number: 2800) was published in the Official Gazette dated July 28, 2020.

The purpose of the decision…

With this decision the following procedures and principles have been determined;

Taking into account the protection of natural resources and the environment, increasing the income level in rural areas, supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in order to ensure integration of agricultural production and agriculture-based industry, developing agricultural marketing infrastructure, ensuring retrospective traceability and strengthening food reliability, strengthening alternative sources of income in rural areas. Procedure for the establishment of rural economic infrastructure, strengthening rural economic infrastructure, expanding the use of new technologies developed for agricultural activities by producers, increasing the efficiency of rural development activities being carried out and supporting rural economic infrastructure investments with new technology to contribute to the establishment of local development capacity in rural society. and principles were determined.

Grant support will be given for 5 years…

Decision comprises the following items;

Between 1/1/ 2021 – 31/12/2025, in order to ensure economic, social and infrastructural development in rural areas, to improve agriculture and non-agricultural employment, to increase and differentiate incomes; It covers the issues related to the grant payments to be made for real and legal entities’ investments on agricultural and economic infrastructure based on agriculture, primarily for export investments, producer organizations and women and young entrepreneurs.


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