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Geographical registration of Bornova Okra…

Mayor İduğ: “Next one is the Bornova Muscatel”

Bornova Kınalı Okra is registered with the works of Bornova ( a metropolitan district of İzmir province) Municipality. The application made under the title of Geographical Indication and Traditional Product within the scope of Bornova Municipality’s efforts to carry district-specific agricultural products to the future has been suspended at the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office after the evaluation made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The product will be registered as ‘Bornovalı Kınalı Okra’ after three months of suspension.

Stating that they aim to protect both producers and consumers with the Geographical Indication, Bornova Mayor Dr. Mustafa İduğ said, “The geographically marked products provide producers with great advantages in marketing as they are more demanded by the consumers besides preserving our traditional knowledge and cultural values. These products, which will be produced after the geographical sign registration is completed, will be referred to as ‘Bornova Kınalı Okra’ wherever it is consumed and also produced outside of Bornova.”

Muscatel grapes will also be indicated…

Recalling that Bornova is an agricultural city as well as industry and commerce, Dr. Mustafa İduğ added, “We support our local farming products, especially in our 12 old village settlements, while providing serious support to our local producers. We grow seed-grown Bornova Okra on 1 decare of land in Pınarbaşı. We will distribute the seeds of okra, which will start harvesting in late summer, to local producers free of charge. We started working to register the geographical sign of Bornova Muscatel Grapes after Bornova Kınalı Okra.”


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