Support for honey production is essential…

Altıparmak Gıda (Food) Chairman Altıparmak: We are at the top of the world markets in honey and bee products. Beekeepers and exporters should be supported.

Turkey, though being a leading country in many agricultural products across the world with a high production capacity, can not show the same success in foreign trade. One of these products is honey. 108 thousand tons of honey was harvested in 2019. Exports, depending on the years, are limited in the range of 2-5 thousand tons.

Survaillance from the field to table…

Altıparmak Gıda Chairman of the Board Özen Altıparmak said, “While the global production of pine honey is limited, our country has an important production potential. Unfortunately, we are not at the top of the world markets in honey and bee products. We should produce the honey that is suitable for food safety and hygiene and with the quality demanded by the world, so we should support the beekeeper and the exporter”.

Explaining that they aim to bring women and young people to the sector with the Balparmak Beekeeping Academy project and aim to increase the production of value-added bee products such as honey, pollen, propolis, Altıparmak gave the following information about their other projects: “We started the education of this project in 2018 in Muğla. In addition, we launched the ‘Arıcım Project’ (My Beekeeper Project) in 2015. With digital transformation, we made the identification of 13 thousand beekeepers with the most current data in the system. We provided traceability from the field to table with the barcode system applied in all samples taken from beekeepers and in every batch represented by the sample.”

Reaching to 70 thousand people in 50 provinces…

In cooperation with the TEMA Foundation and the Ministry of National Education, it is aimed to reach a total of 70 thousand people in 50 provinces, 46 thousand 500 of which are children. With the 3-year project, trainings covering two hours are given to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.

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