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A new era in retail trade: A move to reduce food prices…

In order to reduce food prices, new practices will be implemented to facilitate retail trade. The law on the creation of a better functioning and fair supply chain that will eliminate unfair commercial practices in retail trade, taking into account EU legislation, will be submitted to the Parliament in December.

Legislation that will eliminate unfair practices in retail trade is being prepared in EU standards. With the law to be submitted to the parliament in December, food prices will decrease. Monopoly will end. Inflation will drop.

New applications will be implemented in terms of payment periods, cancellation and refund of orders. The producer and supplier of perishable products, especially vegetables and fruits, will be obliged to pay the price of the product in a month. Orders cannot be canceled against the producer by the retail business one month before the delivery date of the product.

No fee will be charged from the producer or supplier under the name of store opening and participation fee. With the retail law, businesses and tradesmen will take a deep breath. With the law, a structure that protects professions and sectors will be created in domestic shopping, as in European countries.

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