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While the rose harvest continues in Isparta province, there is uncertainty about the price of rose oil used in the cosmetic and perfumery industry in the world due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Rose flower harvest continues uninterruptedly in Isparta, known as rose garden of Turkey. Roses, picked in the early hours of the morning, are delivered to the factories after weighing in scales. Rose oil, rose oil solid and rose water are made from the rose flowers in the factories. Rose water and rose oil solid are used in the production of different rose products and rose oil is used in the field of cosmetics and perfumery in the world market. One kilogram of rose oil, which reached up to 12 thousand Euros in 2016, see value around 6 thousand Euros. One kilogram of rose oil is obtained from about 4 tons of rose flowers.

“It is important to pick the rose early for good efficiency in the market”

Hasan Çelik, General Manager of Rose, Rose Oil and Oil Seeds Cooperative (GÜLBİRLİK) said that the rose harvest season started approximately 25 days ago and they had minor problems due to the extreme heat and the agricultural frost event on 24 May. However, referring to the problem of rose flower yield due to the high number of cultivated and planted areas in the region, Çelik added, “All our stakeholders in the sector continue to buy rose flowers. We pay attention to rose flowers picking in the early hours. Because these are cost calculations. It is important that the rose is picked early so that when it comes to the market, its yields are very good. Now the harvest is also going very well.”

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