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The World Food Safety Day, which was determined as 7 June by the decision of the United Nations Organization on 24 December 2018, is celebrated for the second time this year in the framework of the cooperation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The purpose of this Special Day; To ensure food safety and security by identifying, preventing and managing food-borne risks, contributing to issues such as public health, economic prosperity, agriculture, tourism and sustainable development and by extending food safety in the public agenda through activities carried out in this context, is to try to contribute to their efforts.
In order for the society to be healthy and productive, it is essential to have sufficient and safe food. Therefore, food is a highly strategic issue for countries.

Veterinarians make important contributions to food security and safety in the area of ​​availability, access, use and stability. In addition, they lead the provision of nutritious food, which is more reliable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and free from unwanted substances, while maintaining animal health and welfare.
In this context, they continue their efforts with devotion to ensure the uninterrupted supply of safe food, which has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic process.
Through the activities to be carried out within the scope of the “World Food Safety Day” celebrated at the international level, the necessity of giving more effort to ensure the safety of the food, which we consume, for each of the stages of production, processing and preparation is clearly demonstrated and all organizations have responsibility for safe food supply chain.
We celebrate World Food Safety Day with the hope that it will be a healthy and humanly life for our country and all humanity.

It is announced to the public with respect.

Ali Eroğlu

President of Turkish Veterinary Medical Association

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